Waterproofing Systems

Deck waterproofing systems prevent water from penetrating and damaging the deck structure, which can lead to wood rot, mold, and mildew in wood decks, and rust and corrosion in metal components. We carry the top waterproofing systems and their components at Supreme Deck Store.

The Top Waterproofing Systems All In One Place

Deck waterproofing systems are designed to protect the structural integrity of decks by preventing water damage, extending their lifespan, and enhancing the usability of outdoor living spaces by keeping under-deck areas dry and functional.

At Supreme Deck Store, we recommend the Trex RainEscape Deck Drainage System and ZipUp Ceiling and UnderDeck Waterproofing System. Both the Trex RainEscape system and Zip-Up Ceilings offer effective alternatives to traditional deck waterproofing methods.

Trex RainEscape is installed above the joists, making it invisible from below and leaving the space open for various ceiling finishes or leaving the joists exposed for a more rustic look. Zip-Up Ceilings, on the other hand, offer an immediate finished ceiling appearance upon installation.