Deck Railings Articles

Deck Railings Articles

Railings for your deck are an essential part of your deck, making it both functional and safe to use. Deck railing and handrails can certainly add polish, personality, and a distinctive touch to your deck. However, their primary function is to prevent slips and falls when climbing deck stairs while providing a safety barrier on elevated portions of your deck.

Deck railing systems must follow building codes, just like the deck itself. They’re designed to keep children and pets from falling between the balusters, meaning any spaces between deck rail components must be 4 inches or less.

A professional contractor can install a deck railing system for you. However, if you’re handy and have a free Saturday afternoon to spruce up your deck, take a look at some resources to help you with a DIY project that not only beautifies your deck but also helps keep your family safe.

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